Horseshoe Trivet - Bushcraft fire Camp Cooker, Camping Stove, Iron Tripod

Handmade Horseshoe Trivet
Bushcraft fire Camp Cooker, Camping Stove, Iron Tripod

Summer must be coming because my trivets are back in stock!

Anyone who has cooked over an open fire will know the shame of a spilled dinner from a poorly balanced pot resting on some rocks or old bricks.
Enough was enough when the last kettle I will ever spill came tumbling from it's perch.

 I make trivets from scrap horseshoes
I enjoy this process so much that I decided to sell these items
They're a rare thing to see and always very popular

    To buy a Trivet click 
    Off Grid cooking, ideal for festivals and camping

    To buy a Trivet click 


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